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Many of us are aware of what is going on with the lagoon and feel helpless, and inefficient. We all have ideas how we could help, but individual voices disappear in the crowd. Let us think why it is so hard to come together and join our forces, and why the pollution of the lagoon is an insignificant problem to many. If you feel the need to express yourself, if you would like to protect the stromatolites, if you feel guilty or angry, because you just learnt you swim in a sewage. You live on the other side of the world and have never even seen Bacalar, but you feel like you were losing it. Write a letter and address it to the lagoon. I invited seven writers, travellers and artists who already wrote their letters. Join us and tell us what your motivation, feelings and thoughts are.


  1. Cally Yu (born 1968 in Hong Kong), a HK based Chinese writer and critic, concerned about public space, aging issues and the nature preservation. She published 4 short stories books, 2 theater texts and various critics and poems in newspapers since 1997.

致(計劃去) 墨西哥巴卡拉爾 Bacalar 七彩湖的遊客: 

你好,先祝你有個愉快的假期,我叫俞若玫,是位香港作家,跟你一樣,經常神往大自然之美,心繫萬綠山水,謹此和你分享一個非常重要的,有關Bacalar 七彩湖的訊息,希望你現在放下雜念,用心細聽七彩湖本身的聲音和故事。


謹希望你不要成為幫兇,不要因一時方便,或隨心的歡快,污染七彩湖的綠水、層石及所有生態環境。美麗的綠色不是必然的。也許,你有萬千個理由來到這裡遊玩享受,但只有一個方法可以讓這些跟我們血脈相連的古生物繼續活下去: 意識其他生物的存在,我們是大自然一員,而不是唯一的生物,疊層石和綠湖是我們的朋友及伙伴,我們殺死牠們,也在自毀生態,同時自殺。


(www.lagunabacalar.net , and interviews with scientists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fe4f26W5Fo&t=18s&fbclid=IwAR1TxHp291Kmw) 

願你把訊息傳開去,聲音夠大時,墨西哥的政府及地方官員都一定聽見的,但當下,你就可以停止粗心而來的污染,不要令此句成為事實: 遊客就是恐佈份子。(http://www.unes-co.cz/en/research-and-development/tourists-are-terrorists/) 

謝謝你閱畢此信,行動就在當下。你也可以在FB 的專頁(FB: Bacalar / La Voz De La Laguna )留言和寫你的信,分享看法,願更多人不單消費,也在愛惜環境。



A letter to tourists (and going to be) in Laguna de Bacalar ,

hi there, wish you going to have a nice trip in Bacalar, I am a writer based in Hong Kong , always amazed by the nature and would like to share a very important message from the Laguna. Please take few minuse to focus your mind and listen, listen carefully what the Lake tells you.  

You may soon hear some cries from the shallow water, from the blue-green algae, from the stromatolites. Yes, those beautiful living fossile, much much older than human being,  which can resist extreme tides , strong storms and invasive weathering, but not us. We are now killing them day by day. Our rubbbish, our sewages, our carelessness are destroying them massively in only few years. They use billion years to show us how to build up life in layers and layers with  the sun’s energy. Now, we simply cut them off and disconnect ourselves with history in a short holiday. It is they producing oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis which make the ozone layer possible to protect the Earth from harmful cosmic rays.Stromatolites are our living teacher about life and can  only be found in certain parts of the world. 

Sincerely suggest you not to detroy the rocks, the sea, the environment by pollution and any careless activities. We may have thousand of reasons to come to the nature but there is only one way to susbstain them: Be humble to aware their presence, they are our friends ,teachers and oxgyen producers. If we destroy the ecoystem , we are killing ourselves. 

Plese take action at once. Stop any pollution. There are many information on line,(www.lagunabacalar.net , and interviews with scientists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fe4f26W5Fo&t=18s&fbclid=IwAR1TxHp291Kmw) 

 you can simply double check all the facts and let more people to know about it. Please stop any pollution. Hope that it is not ture: “Tourists are terrorists”. (http://www.unes-co.cz/en/research-and-development/tourists-are-terrorists/) 

We also invite you to write your letter in( FB: Bacalar / La Voz De La Laguna ) to draw more attention from people around the world to let government and police maker aware about the issues. Kindly spread around the news and information. 

Best regads 

cally yu.