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The Bacalar lagoon is an extremely fragile ecosystem that is changing in front of our eyes. It is losing it’s intensive blue colors that gave it it’s fame and the features that makes it so special and unique.

Can one own the air, water, sun or estromatolites? Can one mourn the loss of the lagoon without having seen it? What can we do not contribute in destruction of its ecosystem? What makes this ecosystem such an incredible place on earth?

I shared my thoughts, photos and information with seven friends from Poland, from Gdańsk, who are painters and illustrators with deep sensitivity for natural environmental degradation. The ladies / artists created posters that express their voice concerning the protection of the lagoon. Our participation in the exhibition is our contribution to the cause, which we deeply care for. 

concept and organization of the exhibition – Kamila Chomicz

La laguna de Bacalar integra un ecosistema muy frágil, que está cambiando ante nuestra mirada. Está per- diendo los tonos de azul intenso que le han dado fama y algunas de las características únicas que la hacen tan especial y única.

¿Puede alguien poseer el aire, el agua, el sol o los estromatolitos? ¿puede alguno llorar la pérdida de la lagu- na sin haberla visto? ¿qué podemos hacer para no ser parte de la destrucción de este ecosistema? ¿qué hace a este ecosistema un lugar único e increíble en el planeta? La exhibición LA VOZ DE LA LAGUNA presenta fotografías y videos que tomé en Enero y Diciembre de 2018, buscando respuestas a estas preguntas.

Compartí mis pensamientos, imágenes e información con siete amigas residentes en Gdansk Polonia, pin- toras e ilustradoras con una gran sensibilidad sobre la degradación ambiental. Las artistas crearon carteles que expresan sus voces de preocupación sobre la protección de la laguna. Participar en esta exhibición es nuestra contribución a esta causa que tanto nos preocupa.

  1. LONG LIVE THE LAGOON – Agata Królak

Agata Królak (born 1987) – designer and illutrator, Laureate of MUST HAVE competition at the Łódź Design Festival in Poland and numerous other awards. Her illustrations were displayed at festivals and exhibitions in New York, Tokyo, London, Brussels and Paris. She is an  assistant professor at the Academy of Fine Arts (Faculty of Graphic Arts) in Gdańsk. She obtained her PhD in 2018. 

2. SAVE BACALAR LAGOON – Joanka Grochocka

Joanna Grochocka (born 1981) Polish visual artist and illustrator. She has been drawing and playing with shapes since always and it’s her most natural environment. Joanna graduated from Gdansk University with a degree in Philospohy and studied Graphic Design at Academy of Fine Arts there. She’s an author of numerous press and books illustrations, covers, posters and installations; collaborated with international publishers and organizations like Washington Post, Polish National Opera, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal or Conrad Festival. Her works were featured in many projects and exhibitions around the world (Paris, Venice, Padua or London).


Ada Dobrzelecka (born 1983) – a painter, creator of site-specific objects and art installations. Her art is inspired by the organic world. In 2010 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (Faculty of Painting) in Gdańsk. www.adadobrzelecka.com 

4.  HOPE NOT – Magdalena Pela 

Magdalena Pela (born 1989) – visual artist, painter, PhD student and a graduate of Academy of Fine Arts (Faculty of Painting) in Gdańsk. Her work focuses on everyday life. Her works have been featured among best theses of the Academy of Fine Arts graduates, and nationwide Review of Young Painters. She participated in dozens of projects, individual and group exhibitions in Poland and around the world. Since 2016 a painting from her all-over series can be viewed at the National Gallery in Gdańsk. 

5. STROMATOLITE – Urszula Wasielewska 

Urszula Wasielewska

Born and raised by the Polish sea. She graduated the Academy of Fine Arts (Faculty of Painting) in Gdańsk in 2008. She loves drawings and clear lines, as well as the process of creating spatial objects in cooperation with craftsmen. She creates set designs and runs complex projects for theatres, museums, ad agencies and the world of fashion.


Zofia Martin (born 1992) – she graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts (Faculty of Intermedia) in Gdańsk. In 2013 she studied at Escola Superior Artistica in Porto, Portugal. Her works often take on the form of art installations. Her recent projects talk about empathy, or rather lack thereof. She uses various media in her art, from videos to sounds and objects. 

7. Honorata Martin

Honorata Martin (born 1984) Is a painter, performer, and multimedia artist. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. She also continued her studies with an additional course in intermedia and one semester at Marmara University in Istanbul. She won 3rd prize in the Geppert competition (2011) and audience awards at the Art Biennale in Gdańsk (2012). In 2015 she received the Culture and Art category of the ‚Poles with verve’ and Splendor Gedensis, and the City of Gdańsk award for young artists. https://www.culture.pl/en/artist/honorata-martin